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Dominican Rep. The Hear to Live Foundation, together with the French association Audition Solidarité, carried out its fourteenth operation with the main objective of sponsoring the training of eight educational centers in the eastern part of the country, belonging to its follow-up program “Breaking the Barriers of Disability”.

During the week of May 13 to 17, 2024, a team of 10 hearing professionals went to various areas of the country, to conduct lectures and workshops, in order to provide more educational tools to teachers responsible for educating a total of 402 children, which have been impacted by the program started in 2019.

Among the institutions of knowledge that were visited were: San Pedro Special Education Center in San Pedro de Macoris, San Andres Educational Center for the Deaf in Boca Chica, Santa Rosa Institute for the Deaf in Santo Domingo, Special Education Center for the Deaf Life and Hope in Christ in Sabana de la Mar, Villa Guerrero Educational Center in El Seibo, Special Basic School Nido de Amor in Higuey, Missionary Center for the Integral Development of the Deaf in Consuelo and School for the Deaf Life and Hope in Christ in Hato Mayor.

“This school operation was different from the previous ones conducted to date in conjunction with the French association Audition Solidarité. Each day of the week-long operation we went to the eight schools that belong to our follow-up program. They were visits where teamwork was the protagonist,” said Nathanael Le Herisse, president of the Fundación Oír Para Vivir.

Le Herisse added that working once again with the 10 volunteers of Audition Solidarité was a satisfying experience because they were fascinated by the idea of getting to know each center, as well as taking talks and workshops to the teachers of these children with hearing loss, in order to share their knowledge on hearing impairment.

On the other hand, Evelyna Rodriguez, Ambassador of the Fundación Oír Para Vivir, said that this fourteenth operation allowed her to confirm that all the work done so far for the benefit of these 402 hearing impaired children, belonging to the follow-up program of the entity, has been worthwhile since day one.
Rodriguez says she is extremely happy and proud to be part of Oír Para Vivir, an organization that has earned the love and respect of the deaf community in the Dominican Republic.

On this occasion, the operation was also supported by MGM (Meeting God in Mission) and Audition Solidarité.

About Audition Solidarité

This is a French humanitarian and civic association created in 2008, chaired by Christine Bourger. It aims to work to improve hearing well-being among sensitive or disadvantaged populations around the world, through prevention, information, implementation of hearing technologies, training, research and actions aimed at supporting any humanitarian project in favor of the hearing world. This entity is our faithful ally since 2019 in the project “Breaking the Barriers of Disability”, which we carry out with schools for hearing impaired children.