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Hearing Impairment:

  • Get to know the basics!

Hearing impairment is a total or partial deficit in perception that is assessed by the degree of hearing loss in each ear. It can be the result of disease, trauma, long-term exposure to noise, use of medications that are aggressive to the auditory nerve, or hereditary.

A hearing impaired person is not mute. A mute person is one who has a problem with his or her vocal cords. If a child has early access to hearing aids or a cochlear implant, he can regain some of his hearing and learn to speak spoken language as well as sign language.

How to get help:

We CANNOT help with the COCLEAR IMPLANTS. One implant costs more than 1 million pesos! And we do not have funds available for that. If you need information (doctors, address…) about implants, we can help you. We DELIVER HEARING AID.

If you need hearing aids, you can contact us at info@oirparavivir.com . There we will explain you the different steps to become a candidate for hearing aids.

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