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Our Team

Nathanael Le Herisse

Founder and president of Oír para Vivir Foundation.

Evelyna Rodríguez

Ambassador of the Oír para Vivir Foundation. Dominican communicator and actress. From the first day Evelyna Rodriguez dedicates love and time to our project. Bringing new ideas, taking the children to activities and participating in the operations. Evelyna is not only our ambassador but one of the pillars of the Foundation.

Sonia Medrano

Coordinator of follow-up visits to the different educational institutions. And in charge of the follow-up team. With her smile and tireless work, she coordinates the assistance and follow-up of our beneficiaries.

Enoc Silvestre

Audiometrist and Hearing Aid Programmer.
Enoc is our computer expert, he can check a hearing aid, fix it or program a new hearing aid.

Leandro Peña

Leandro is in charge of making earmolds for hearing aids.
Leandro is an expert in the creation and design of earmolds. Thanks to his great skill in sign language and lip reading he helps the rest of the team to achieve a better communication with our patients.

Arianna Morla

A hearing rehabilitation and speech therapy assistant.
Arianna helps our patients learn to listen with their new hearing aids. During follow-up visits in schools, she organizes exercises with the students to teach them to speak orally in addition to sign language.

Ruth Esther Adames

A hearing rehabilitation and speech therapy assistant.
Auditory rehabilitation and speech therapy is a job that requires patience and time to see results. For this reason our Foundation counts with the collaboration of 2 speech therapy assistants, Arianna and Ruth.

Korayma Mercedes

Volunteer doctor in charge of ear cleaning.
Kora is responsible for checking internally how our patients’ ears are doing!

Clara Robles

Fundraising Manager.
Clara is here to help us find the necessary funds to be able to continue helping.

How to Help

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