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HATO MAYOR. The Oír Para Vivir and Audition Solidarité Foundations have once again joined forces to carry out a new operation to assist hearing impaired children. This project supports eight schools in the eastern part of the country and Santo Domingo. 

During the week of April 28 to May 4, 2023, at the Meeting God in Mission Foundation facilities in Hato Mayor, a team of 16 hearing professionals worked in collaboration with 7 Dominicans to provide care to 193 infants who belong to the “Breaking the Barriers of Disability” program, which has been carried out since 2019 and to date has managed to impact the lives of 402 children and their families.

“The operation, besides being a success because we achieved the expected results, is one of the most significant for the team of Oír Para Vivir, because it allowed us to look back and see much of what we have achieved. We were thrilled to share with the children we helped and to see the great progress they have made since they joined our program,” said Nathanael Le Herisse, president of the Fundación Oír Para Vivir.

Le Herisse added that working once again with the 16 volunteers of Audition Solidarité was a great experience, because together with them they form a very good team and they always have the opportunity to learn from their knowledge on hearing impairment.

“It is incredible that we are living this stage, we have reached the 12th operation and after seven years of long work it is very significant for us, because it represents the sustainability of our project and the immense possibility of continuing to help, which is what we seek, in order to break the barriers of hearing impairment in the Dominican Republic,” said Evelyna Rodriguez, ambassador of the foundation.

On this occasion, the operation was also supported by Carrefour, IBC Shipyard, MGM (Meeting God in Mission), AFD (Agence française de développement) and Mr. Sergio and Mrs. Corinne Gobbi.

About Fundación Oír Para Vivir

Oír Para Vivir is a non-profit foundation that has been working since 2015 with the objective of providing people with hearing disabilities (children, adolescents and adults), who are in conditions of vulnerability in the Dominican Republic, the opportunity to improve their quality of life, through the delivery of hearing aids, as well as offering educational institutions and families the tools that are necessary for this community to have a successful social insertion. Since its foundation to date, this entity has helped a total of 915 people.

About Audition Solidarité

This is a French humanitarian and civic association created in 2008, chaired by Christine Bourger. It aims to work to improve hearing welfare among sensitive or disadvantaged populations around the world, through prevention, information, implementation of hearing technologies, training, research and actions aimed at supporting any humanitarian project in favor of the hearing world. This entity is our faithful ally since 2019 in the project “Breaking the Barriers of Disability”, which we carry out with schools for hearing impaired children.