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Hato Mayor, D. R. -In order to continue reaffirming our commitment to the Dominican deaf community, we recently carried out our thirteenth community operation in collaboration with the Hear For A Purpose Foundation in the province of Hato Mayor, during the week of October 16-20, 2023.

During this day we celebrated with the whole team the attendance of our 1,000th patient, Mrs. Eulalia Rodríguez De Rosario, 71 years old.

An American team of 11 audiology professionals worked together with 7 Dominican members of Oír para Vivir, to provide care to 109 people with hearing problems in the facilities of the Meeting God in Missions (MGM) foundation. 

During the medical activity, each patient received an otolaryngology consultation, an audiometry to identify the degree of their deafness; in addition, their hearing molds were designed to later program the hearing aid according to their type of deafness and finally they were given their hearing aids.

“This thirteenth community operation was extremely special for the Oír Para Vivir family. Reaching our 1,000th patient makes us feel very proud of the road we have traveled during these 7 years working in favor of the Dominican deaf community,” said Nathanael Le Herisse, president of the Oír Para Vivir Foundation.

He added that he feels honored that Oír Para Vivir has allies such as Hear For A Purpuse and Mr. Sergio and Mrs. Corinne Gobbi, who are always willing to contribute their grain of sand so that more and more hearing impaired people can benefit.

Evelyna Rodriguez, ambassador of the Oir Para Vivir Foundation, said that they are very excited to see how year after year, together with Hear For A Purpose, they are able to reach more people. She commented that these 7 years are a nice start for all the people they want to reach.

About Hear For A Purpose Foundation

Hear For A Purpose is a U.S. non-profit entity created in 2018, with the purpose of helping hearing impaired people in the Dominican Republic to have access to good hearing technology, so that in this way they can improve their quality of life. Its team is made up of volunteer audiologists committed to helping more and more Dominicans to hear. 

Among the future plans of the Hear to Live Foundation are to include more special education schools in its follow-up program and to work on hearing prevention campaigns to raise awareness among the population about the importance of taking care of their hearing health.